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Bodhi Spending Planners Pty Ltd

Discover your financial freedom and ability with a Spending Planner

Money Management is a subject that is not included in the school curriculum  nowadays, so it is little wonder that you and many others find that money slip vanishes faster than it arrives. The importance of a solid Spending Planner is to help you understand how to manage your money and predict your cashflow needs months ahead so you are in control.

Excess of 30,000 people have had their money worries solved by this Program since the last 15 years. What this can achieve is amazing.

As a Certified Spending Planner my role is to help you discover where things have gone wrong and work with you develop a life where you are controlling your money not money controlling you. I am a educator, a personal trainer and a mentor for your money brain and I will provide you with all the tools you need to ne ‘the Boss’ of your money.

Help with Debts – Where are you now?

Debt…It can go away… forever! Do you believe?

  • Are you living with money stress and need help with debts…?
  • Is Money running out before the end of the month and bills not getting paid…?
  • Are you behind on the rent or mortgage and worried about losing your home…?
  • Are you arguing with your partner over money…?
  • Do you need guidance so you can beyond your debts…?
  • Is your money stress a black cloud that’s engulfing you…?

Money is central to everyone’s life; it gives us food, shelter, comfort, the means to get around, in fact virtually everything, but unfortuantely for many people maintaining a living standard has ended up burying them in bills and/or debts that consume their lives.

If no one ever taught you about Money, not your parents, (I know mine didn’t) and it’s also very unlikely you learnt anything about money at school, is it any wonder that are in trouble?

So don’t be hard on yourself, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!!

phone 0488 66 00 37
website bodhispendingplanners.com.au

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Thank you for visiting the page of Bodhi Spending Planners Pty Ltd as part of the Rainbow gay friendly network. Bodhi Spending Planners Pty Ltd is located in Queensland and are happy to assist the gay and lesbian /lgbti community when looking for Finance. Bodhi Spending Planners Pty Ltd is proud to be part of the rainbow flag Australia network and can be contacted on 0488 660 037.