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Get into shape with Gforce Fitness – Wallan, VIC

Defy Gravity with a trainer who cares……

I was always into sports, soccer, basketball, football, bike riding, cricket, but I was always overweight.
I always found it hard to get rid of the fat. The older I got, the more I ate as that is what I was used to. I stopped exercising for a few years got in a rut, became depressed, made excuses until one day I was 140 kilos. I decided there and then that I needed to take control or I could die. I joined a gym and tried not to feel intimidated.

I went 4 nights per week and in six months had dropped 15 kilos. I used the people around me as inspiration thinking the sacrifices they must’ve made.
My confidence and exercise regime increased and decreased my food intake. I needed to increase the intensity and vary the exercises.

My fitness improved and I was able to run 10 kilometres on a treadmill. Twelve months earlier, I was barely able to run half a kilometre. My confidence had improved so much that I became a Personal Trainer and Group Class Instructor myself. I kept losing body fat and in another 12 months lost another 15 kilos. I managed to lose 35 kilos in 24 months.

The exercises that worked for me was boxing, plyometrics(jumping), weights, core strength, running, cycling, bodyweight and other exercises which helped me through my journey.


I value family, friendship, hard work, honesty, trust, reward, recognition, security, consistency, reliability, loyalty, prosperity and time to myself.

If you’re the type of person who is overweight, not very sporty, wants to learn more about health & fitness, does not like going to the gym because you feel intimidated, then give me a call or send me an email as I can help you reach those goals with only the two of us and a few pieces of equipment.


The benefits you gain from my training methods help you in the functions of everyday life.
Increasing bone strength, improving blood flow, improving posture, decreasing lower back pain, improving motion of back, neck, hips, arms, legs, helping with arthritis, having better balance and coordination, improving strength, improving muscle growth, exercising with correct techniques, and having fun.
Being able to play with your kids or grandkids without being short of breath.
Being able to run for an early train, bus or tram and not missing it.
Easily moving up and down the steps of your home without fearing of tripping over and knowing you are able to make it up and down without a problem.
Squatting down correctly to get that plate or saucepan from the back of that cupboard.

phone 0421 021 993
website www.gforcefitness.com.au

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Thank you for visiting the page of Gforce Fitness as part of the Rainbow gay friendly network. Gforce Fitness is located in Victoria and are happy to assist the gay and lesbian /lgbti community when looking for Health & Wellbeing. Gforce Fitness is proud to be part of the rainbow flag Australia network and can be contacted on 0421 021 993.

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