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Same-Sex Weddings

Get in touch with local gay friendly wedding suppliers today!

Same Sex Wedding Providers

Your trusted resource for same sex weddings
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Rainbow Flag Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

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Gay Wedding Ideas – Make it your special day!

Voted YES

Now that we have voted yes, be part of Australia’s largest Same-Sex Wedding Network. If your looking for it, there’s a good chance you’ll find everything for same sex weddings right here. We’ll help put you in touch with some of the leading wedding suppliers in the country.


Welcome to Rainbow Flag Australia’s Same-Sex Wedding website. Our online directory We’ll help you get in touch with some of the best wedding providers in the country that are gay friendly and to ready to plan that perfect wedding that you’ve always dreamed about! The rainbow flag wedding website is your online resource for gay and lesbian couples looking to get married in Australia and plan a wedding. We have all types of businesses ranging from celebrants, to photographers for your special day and lots more. We want you to your wedding and start off a new exciting chapter in both of your lives.

Rainbow Flag Weddings

At Rainbow Flag weddings we will have a gay friendly service provider in your state. We have all types of businesses ranging from celebrants, to photographers for your special day and lots more. If you’re looking for a function venue, a limo for the day or function venue, the Same-Sex Wedding network will have a gay friendly service provider in your state.

Gay Weddings

Here you will find all the best offers all the best gay friendly service providers around the country. Whether you’re looking for something to wear on your big day such as a suit or wedding dress, a limousine, accommodation or to hiring a catering company, our network here at Rainbow Flag Same Sex Wedding Directory has the solution.

Same Sex Weddings 2018

From January 2018 in Australia same-sex couples will have the same legal rights as everyone else. Rainbow Flag Australia says bring on the same sex weddings / gay weddings for those are in a same sex relationship and want to get married.

Gay Friendly Weddings

We are your special events directory and your everyday solution to finding gay friendly providers. Find everything from wedding flowers, to caterers, formal hire, bridal dresses, wedding venues, jewelers and honeymoon accommodation.

Same-Sex Marriage

Whether you’re looking for a hotel, function venue, marriage celebrant or limo on your big day, you’ll only find gay friendly businesses right here. Our network helps the LGBTI community throughout Australia.

Start planning your big day today!